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能源管理经理 招聘
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Energy Efficiency Manager

Job Employment Status: full-time
No. of vacancies: 1
Geographical Location: Shenzhen, China

Job Description:

  1. Lead and initiate the drive on energy efficiency through evaluating energy use, identifying energy saving opportunities and implementing new programs or changes to achieve the energy efficiency goal of the company.
  2. Support the planning, regulating, and monitoring of energy use within the organization.
  3. Coordinate all aspects of energy management and greenhouse gas management, from energy efficiency, reduction of carbon footprint to effective energy management.
  4. Identify and lead energy saving projects and participate in industry energy conservation scheme such as Cleaner Production Scheme and Energy Conservation Scheme.
  5. Recommend and assist in implementing energy management goals, objectives and initiate energy management programs.
  6. Academic & Personal Qualification:
  7. A bachelor or master degree in electrical engineering, industrial engineering, building services, facility management or equivalent engineering and energy management field.
  8. 10 - 15 years of experience in energy and facility management in manufacturing sites
  9. Good technical and operational skills with comprehensive knowledge of energy management requirements and best practices internationally and in China.
  10. Excellent communication, interpersonal and project management skills in an operational environment with multiple functions and departments.
  11. Capable to work with people at different levels
  12. Good presentation skills and capable to communicate well with senior management and front line engineers.


  1. Develop, coordinate, and implement the energy management goals and objectives of strategies, programs or polices to reduce energy consumption.
  2. Identify energy saving opportunities in a manufacturing environment, and implement programs or projects to achieve established energy efficiency goals.
  3. Perform site inspections and energy surveys.
  4. Monitor and review the effectiveness of the energy policies and strategies, including preparation of annual progress reports.
  5. Gather and track energy use data across all production facilities continuously with the help of established system.
  6. Regular monitoring of energy data and ensure accurate records are maintained through data validation and verification.
  7. Evaluate in-house energy management programs for JE. Identify opportunities to optimize energy consumption. Provide technical and practical advice on energy conservation. Conduct training on energy efficiency improvement programs in the company.
  8. Lead energy saving projects and participate in schemes e.g. Cleaner Production Scheme and Energy Conservation Scheme.
  9. Raise profile of energy conservation via organizing promotional activities and publicize promotional materials in the company.
  10. Explore and research on emerging technology for energy management programs and assess its feasibility in the company. Make recommendations and presentation concerning energy savings program for top management.
  11. Liaise with and provide technical support to designed engineers on new refurbishment projects regarding energy conservation.

If you are interested in the opportunity, please send your CV to with strict confidence.

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