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Technical and Safety Manager
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Fotrune 500 Energy Company recruiting:


Position: Technical and Safety Manager (Location: PRD)

Career development path  1. Safety director, 2. Business support manager or director, then JV GM(合资公司总经理).


The following position is for development purpose. The goal is to grow our young potential middle manager to senior managers. The development process is leading and involving in national wide projects, under the coaching of executive and CEO; to be assigned manager level position from small size company to big size company.


Job Description:

 1.        Develop, implement, review and improve policies, standards, rules and systems both in technical/engineering and HSE to support business needs.

2.        Prepare technical/safety year plan/budget, monitor technical/safety performance, analyze and report the trend to GM; and identify the opportunity for continual improvement.

3.        Lead technical and emergency response team to provide technical support and emergency service to business functions.

4.        Lead technical projects: LPG quality control, filling plant facilities upgrading project and preventive maintenance projects.


Competency requirement:

l   Bachelor degree and above, with major in Engineering, Chemical, or related.

l   With 3-5 years solid experience in related managerial roles.

l   Able to communicate in English.

l   Mobility in Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta.

l   Good Learning ability

l   Drive for results.

l   Open and broad thinking.

l   Customer oriented.

l   Excellent communication skills.

l   Ability to building effective team.

l   Ability to managing through process and system.


Annual salary: 200~300K RMB/year

Contact e-mail:

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