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Senior EHS Engineer (Industrial Hygiene)
Job Employment Status: full-time
Geographical Location: Shenzhen, China

Job Description:

  1. ? Monitor EHS legal requirements relevant to the company’s activities proactively.
  2. ? Develop & implement company's EHS Procedures to comply with legal obligations, focus in the area of Industrial Hygiene.
  3. ? Identify, evaluate and control Industrial Hygiene issues in the various operations and workshops of the company.
  4. ? Conduct exposure assessment & monitoring for occupational health hazards in the workplaces.
  5. ? Recommend mitigation measures including elimination of industrial hazards, engineering controls, administrative controls and personal protection
  6. ? Develop and execute industrial hygiene training to raise general awareness as well as professional knowledge of the workforce and management.
  7. ? Conduct workplace risk assessment & industrial hygiene surveillance and inspections.
  8. ? Lead root cause analysis investigation on incidents related to industrial hygiene and ergonomic issues.
  9. ? Participate in various types of EHS compliance and/or management system audits to ensure our systems are aligned with local, national and Corporate requirements.

Academic & Personal Qualification:

  1. ? A bachelor or master degree in industrial hygiene, health and safety, chemical engineering or equivalent EHS educational background.
  2. ? Minimum 5 Years of experience in manufacturing / engineering / EHS field preferably in the industrial hygiene field.
  3. ? Comprehensive knowledge of Industrial Hygiene & related legal requirements.
  4. ? Have deep passion of industrial hygiene and eager to learn to become a true Industrial Hygienist.
  5. ? Good communication, interpersonal and project management skills.
  6. ? Good command of English and Putonghua required.
  7. ? System knowledge of ISO14001, OHSAS18000 or other EHS Management Systems would be advantageous.
  8. ? Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) from ABIH or equivalent training would be advantageous. Candidate would be developed as an CIH to serve the company.

If you are interested in the opportunity, please send your CV to with strict confidence.

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